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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:13 am

Hi! If you are new then welcome to the forum!!! Here is a list of basic rules that you need to keep in order to enjoy your stay here.

In Character Rules
1) Basically, what you need to do is stay in character. Random chatting and other Out Of Character stuff doesn't belong here.
2) Listen to the GMs and the Mods/Admins. They usually know better. When a Mod tells you to stop doing something, then stop.
3) NO CYBERING. If you don't know what cybering is, Google it. Cybering will not be tolerated here.

Out Of Character Rules
1) OOC doesn't mean that it isn't RP related. Stick to RP talk.
2) No Flaming. Respect other people's opinions.
3) Listen to the Mods

Off Topic Rules
1) The Off Topic threads must have a point, i.e. music, sports, etc. Pointless ones should go to Random Chat.
2) No Flaming.
3) No explicit content. (Keep it PG-13)

1) NO ADVERTISING. Advertisers will be banned on sight.
2) NO SPAMMING. Same as above.
3) NO PIRATED MATERIAL. This is not a hack site. Uploading or posting links to pirated material will get you banned.

These are the basic rules everyone must follow. These, however, are not the only rules, but we trust you to use common sense as to what you should or should not do.

A special note about politics and religion: it's not banned. Yet. Debate is fine, but when it crosses in to flaming the mods have no choice but to ban highly sensitive subjects such as this.

On the topic of literacy: You don't have to be very literate, and the creator of the thread has most of the say in this, but try to be semi-coherent. Like the above note (on sensitive topics) I hope this won't be a problem.

Enjoy your stay,
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Rules of the forum
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