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PostSubject: Roleplay Reviews Return   Roleplay Reviews Return EmptySun Mar 29, 2009 2:49 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of NaP:

With RAP temporarily suspended to make way for the new and improved Volume II (which is expected to include 20+ pages in the magazine Wink ), I have enough time on my hands now to start reviewing roleplays again. I'm upping the Star Rating from 5 max to 7 max to allow for more flexible critiquing. I've already reviewed a few roleplays, but the reviews are hidden and only a certain few currently have access to them. Once we begin reviewing more roleplays we will release the compilation to the public.

Sometimes we'll go around randomly reviewing roleplays across the boards, and sometimes we'll take up on requests (these will be pushed to the front of the line). If you would like to request that a roleplay is reviewed, then drop me a PM. I'll make sure that it gets reviewed by either me or one of my volunteers. The reviewers (or Critics) are currently anonymous.

Roleplays that are awarded a complete set of 7 stars for any roleplay will be granted a unique signature (unique per individual!) to display for all to see.

The Critics will also host the semi-annual Roleplay Emmy Awards where you will get a chance to introduce your roleplay and its participants to the red carpet and the ever-desired spotlight in the all new magazine (expected to be released after the first RP Emmys).

I am greatly excited to be able to offer you and other communities these great opportunities! Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have in this thread here.

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Roleplay Reviews Return
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