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 RAP Inquiry: What Kind of Gamer are You?

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PostSubject: RAP Inquiry: What Kind of Gamer are You?   Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:55 pm

RAP Inquiry: What Kind of Gamer are You?

I'm an avid player of game scenarios where two teams face off against each other to achieve a set goal (i.e capture the flag, hold the most spawn points, most team kills, etc.). I've encountered several personality types during my gaming experience online with other human players. Which personality would you say that you possess during these types of games? If you don't, or rarely play multiplayer games, then which personality would you consider yourself possibly having if you did play?

Aggressor: This nuckle-headed, hardcore, braveheart is the most common of the personalities. Usually seen at the front lines, the aggressor tends to take on a terminator persona and do just about anything to complete the objective. Uncaring of the requests by his teammates to "cooperate" with the mission, the aggressor will normally ignore the will of the team and go after his own goals.

Berserker: Unlike the aggressor, the berserker will typically not go looking for trouble. However, he will deal with the nearest threat without concern for consequences. Berserker Will normally act with the will of the team and take pride in the phrase "the best defense is a good offense".

Scout: Scouts tend to be passively aggressive, preferring to have fun running around the map and assisting their team in finding the perfect camping spots rather than partake in the frontline action. Scouts are primarily stealthy and careful not to vie away their position. In FPS games involving vehicles, they're usually the driver.

Ninja: The slooths are normally found on FPS games involving CTF or AAS (Advance and Secure) scenarios. The ninja will bypass the primary goal of the game and dive behind enemy lines to stake out key locations first, infiltrating them second, and (if need be) risk a d suicide mission to take out a few, but vital, targets.

Marksman: The marksman, or "dead eye", is one that has most patience and sense of calm when in the midst of battle. Usually you will find a marksman in secluded locations on the map away from the intensity of the fighting, scoping out and targeting the enemy from a safe distance. Their accuracy is supreme, and most of the time conduct solo missions.

Camper: The camper is mostly considered a "noob" during game-play because he appears to take advantage of a certain position for vast periods of time. The act of doing this is known as "camping". Though this is frowned upon by overly fanatic zealots of frontline fighting, the camper can actually be the most tactically inclined fighter. If you think about it, one of the reasons American "minutemen" were so effective in the American Revolution was because they "camped" on the battlefield to undermine the British.

Traitor: Self-explanatory. This guy deserves to be banned the instant he shows himself.

Guardian: Guardians are the few players that decide to stay behind and defend vital objectives (i.e. spawn points, main bases, targets, etc.). Guardians have a license to camp their own grounds and will protect their "protectee" at all costs, even if this means sacrificing themselves.

Battle Operator: Commonly called "commanders", the Battle Op usually conducts most of this mission planning. Participating in the heat of things is a 50/50 choice on his part. Most Battle Ops are clan or guild leaders with exponential experience in a game.

Commando: Whether its the path of Ninja, the way of the warrior, or the honor of the Guardian, a Commando specializes in one personality, but is still masterful at the rest. No matter what game, type, or server, someone with a Commando personality can adapt quickly and begin racking up points for their team in an instant. They're usually role-models for most inexperienced players.

So, which personality are you? Remember, you can have more than one. If you're that full of yourself to have them all, then select "Commando", but be prepared to explain why you thin of yourself that way...before I sick a Traitor on you. xD
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PostSubject: Re: RAP Inquiry: What Kind of Gamer are You?   Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:25 pm

I'm not exactly sure what I would Qualify for. I like to wait until I see an oppurtunity, then strike that opening fast and strong, then I would either try to hide again and continue slowly, I think this is closest to the "Ninja" persona, perhaphs mixed with "Scout." But i'm flexible, i'll play whatever the team needs me to be, except for the aggressors, I don't like charging into battle blindly.

Anyway, how do you manage to post the RAP news in every forum? Nearly every one i've joined i've seen you. XD keep up the good work i guess.
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RAP Inquiry: What Kind of Gamer are You?
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