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PostSubject: Not A Prisoner OOC   Not A Prisoner OOC EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 3:28 am

Yes, that's right! The official RP of the forum is back!

PLOT: In the snowy and icy lands of Greenland sits a large prison like compound.It's name is the Goldwyn Research Facilities. Within it's large cold and steel walls a dark secret lies. Only once a month can anyone see someone enter and leave the facility. Usually it's just a single delivery truck with the usual shipment of supplies. Guards constantly patrol the area, their snow white armor blending them in perfectly with their surroundings. Past several steel doors, and a multitude of security cameras and a ton more guards you may find yourself in the very center of the large compound. Walking down the main hallway leads you to one place. The containment cells, that's where they keep them. Tens to hundreds. No ones sure, we can never keep track. They say they bring in a good 10 new ones with every truck, hidden within the supply trucks.

Even though theres hundreds of them, they are all different. Scary different. They don't all come willingly. Some do, some don't. No one seems happy to go there though, people change. Things happen. Everyone who has an ability or some sort of power is poked and prodded, manipulated and morphed. The scientist are trying to gain information from these strange powered people. What are they planning? Something big, and most likely sinister.

Here's the Character Template (I got a clean one after that)

Name: Give a first and last: be creative, or not, your choice

Nickname: Pretty self-describing

Age: It does not matter: just be reasonable for the height and weight..

Gender: pick one: or be neuter or have both: I don't care. xD

Alliance: Good, Evil, neutral: choose wisely.. preferably we have a balanced amount or more good then evil: if I see a sides unbalanced I may ask you to change to the other.

Height: Be reasonable: things like tall will be fine, but actual height would be better

Wight: Be reasonable: things like thin or fat is fine, but actual weight is great

Description: Just give me the basic looks. Hair/eyes anything out of the ordinary. Any notable scars? You don't have to describe your main clothing.. they won't be wearing it at first (xD) but you can, and they will probably have it later: if not, I'll pick out there looks. Although pictures are nice, describing in words is better.

Special ability/Power: What is your power or ability. Can you shoot fire out of your hands? Be creative when considering this. If someone else picks your power, we may ask you to change it, unless your entire character depends on it, we'll figure something out: but really be so creative you blow my brains out: you can have basics like flying and telekinesis, but that's on a first come first served basis. Come on, and be creative:

Preferred weapon type: Note, you can just say what kind of weapon you'd like. If you have a personal weapon, for some reason. Say so. You can just put type, it's actually better that way.

Personality: Tell me about the person: I didn't make him/her so I need to know how he/she acts around others. Your views on basic things would help. I don't want a fifty bajillion loners.

Likes/Dislikes: Whatever. From what kind of food to what kind of people you hate most. Whatever you think would be helpful

Any flaws?: Do they OCD? Or something like that put it down: little quirks are fun..but please: not everyone needs down syndrome. lol

Family: Tell me about any past family, even if they died. Or if they still live.

History: Give me a short history. Detail that might reveal character flaws or things like that need to be put: explain scars.

Past Location: Where did your person live before he/she was abducted. You can always be a test tube baby, but you will probably be evil.

Weaknesses: Everyone can die by some way. Your not invincible. People who don't supply me with a good enough weakness, I will make one.. no “does no get along well with others". I will slap you: if you must, put that in personality.

Strengths: You have some good things too: let me know some strengths. whatever you think is relevant

Hobbies: Do you collect something? Whatever you want.

Some simple questions: Please answer these. so I can know them.

What are your persons views on love: Do they fall easy? Are they gay? Bi? Something anything.

Can they make friends easy?: do tell Very Happy

Do they have any goals?: Want revenge on some one that wronged them in the past? Wants a family or maybe a restaurant in the future. You decide if they have any or nor

Would you mind if your person dies?: I don't really need permission Very Happy but if you don't want it to happen say.

Would your person be willing to kill another human or commit other crimes?: Tell me.

Other: Did I possibly forget something? do share if it matters

And the Clean one:










Special ability/Power:



Any flaws?:


How did you arrive:

Past Location:




Some simple questions:

What are your persons views on love:

Can they make friends easy?:

Do they have any goals?:

Would you mind if your person dies?:

Would your person be willing to kill another human or commit other crimes?:


Ok, some stuff before we start firing away Characters. The RP is gonna be a tad bit different than what it was in the past, meaning that this time you can actually be someone from the GRF who's really evil( although don't go thinking about masterminding the destruction of the world XD), meaning that you can play the role of a sick scientist, some agent who's capturing other people with powers etc.You don't even have to be inside the facility at the beginning, even though we're all gonna end up there. You can even be neutral to the whole thing, not supporting either side, just fighting for yourself.

Alright, I think that we are ready to start! I got my own character right below this post.

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PostSubject: My Character   Not A Prisoner OOC EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 3:30 am

Name:Kuri Riaki

Nickname:(just the name the scientists use) Project 0



Race:Unknown(part american)


Height:1 meter 80 cm

Weight:68 kilos

Description:Long silver hair, green eyes, black coat, black boots, pentagram tattoo in back, dragon tattoo in chest, eagle tattoo in right arm, griffon tattoo in left arm

Special ability/Power:Power absorption(can learn other's powers), power limitation(can make others unable to use their powers for a limited time)

Personality:Unsociable due to his past(see history), can't make friends easily(see history)

Likes/Dislikes: He doesn't like anything in particular. He hates the Goldwin Research Facilities.

Any flaws?: His young age makes him make wrong decisions from time to time.
Family:Mother, deceased, Father, whereabouts unknown

History:When he was born, his father left him and his mother, for he didn't want a son with special abilities like him. Before he left though, he marked his son with the pentagram on his back using his own power. The pentagram prevents him from fully using his powers. His mother then raised him by herself,painting pictures and selling them on the streets for a living.He liked the paintings so much that he made his mother tattoo him with a dragon, an eagle and a griffon. When he was 8, he met an 18-year-old boy who only introduced himself as "G". He had the power to heal others and Kuri absorbed his power. It was then when he realised he was special, but he only thought he could heal others. Kuri spent much time with G, learning how to control and when to use his powers. One day, G was shot by a gang. Although he was shot 13 times, he managed to keep himself alive long enough for Kuri to find him. Kuri tried to heal him, but G refused, saying that his mission was over. Kuri then, after witnessing his friend's death, panicked and ran away. When he finally calmed down, he returned to the scene, only to find that G's body was gone. He searched everywhere, including the local police department, but no one had seen or asked for his body. Frustrated, he returned home. The same night, his house was attacked by the Goldwin Research Facility (GRF). The squad that attacked consisted of six human members and another gifted person, who identified himself as Number 1. Number 1 had the telekinesis ability, which Kuri absorbed, thus learning the true potential of his absorbing power. Yet, he was no match for a trained soldier. In the battle that followed, he killed all the human soldiers, but nearly died in the hands of Number 1. Before Number 1 delivered the final blow, his mother jumped in and saved him by sacrificing herself. Momentarily stunned, Number 1 was killed by Kuri. Kuri then tried to heal his mother, but then the pentagram on his back aflamed, preventing him from using his healing power. After his mother's death, Kuri found a message on Number 1's phone, which said "Capture Project 0 at all cost, but beware: we want him ALIVE!!!". With a hatred towards GRF, Kuri left in search of more powers, so that he would be able to punish the murderers of his mother. For three years he kept tracking down special people like him, absorbing their powers, but most of the time the person was apprehended by GRF after a few minuites. Still, he managed to collect an impressive amount of powers and now he plans to find a GRF worker in NY to lead him to the facilities. So, he arrives in New York with a lust for revenge...

How did you arrive:He was tipped off that a worker in GRF was to arrive in New York, so he went there to find him.

Past Location:All around the USA

Weaknesses:His pentagram doesn't allow him to use more than one power at a time for a certain amount of time.

Strengths:He knows his limits and powers very well, so he can always get the best of them in any situation.


Some simple questions:

What are your persons views on love:Maybe in the future, but for now revenge is his only thought.

Can they make friends easy?:No

Do they have any goals?:Revenge

Would you mind if your person dies?:Yes(although it is not up to me, I would rather keep him alive, at least up to a certain point).

Would your person be willing to kill another human or commit other crimes?:Yes

Other:His goals at first is revenge. Later on though he will change.
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PostSubject: Re: Not A Prisoner OOC   Not A Prisoner OOC EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 3:32 am

This is the Allegiance Board, where you can find who's on what side easy without having to skim through all the pages of the OOC to find the character sheets.




Kuri Riaki(Chaos662545)
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